Chimical Products: the benefits of the floating roof

From the first application to today, the aluminum floating roof is the most efficient and economical method of storing dangerous products to reduce emissions and product losses as well as the risk of fire and explosion.

Initiated and promoted by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and initially developed by US companies, the floating roof tank appeared in the 1920s to store, the volatile products of the petrol-industry. Even today, floating roof technology is still the best choice for storage and transshipment of large quantities of volatile, combustible, polluting and toxic liquids.

The essential condition is that the tanks have a solid floating roof tank seals. With this design process, floating roofs have several advantages like:

  • they reduce losses of stored products
  • they also protect the environment by not releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere
  • they are the most economical types of protection on the market