Enjoy Seville In Autumn

weekend-in-sevilleAutumn starts in Seville with fully charged battery. The city is offering again numerous activities; the cultural and leisure agenda get filled with plans and things to do. For many, September is a good time to organize a trip to Seville as a lot of hotels launch special offers for weekend. In this way, back to the routine, the city gets filled with people who see each other again, go back to work, to school meanwhile the streets are also filled with people who are enjoying the good weather, having a beer, a chat or simply going for a walk.

At this time of the year, Seville looks gorgeous and romantic. A perfect month to enjoy the river and its pleasant view from the bank or a boat ride. Moreover, the end of the summer can also be a stressful period which can be easily smoothed with a weekend in Seville and a unique experience in Arab baths, and thus to start a new season with a lot of energy.