Summer Is Coming To Seville

Although Seville is always full of liveliness on the streets, there surely is a season when you can enjoy the tranquility and peace in this city. The season is summer. In the summer, a great number of local residents who live in Seville during the whole year will go somewhere else for their holidays. However, they don’t know that behind them is one of the Spanish cities with highest number of visitors during the summer months.


Hotel Ribera de Triana in Seville opens up a roofttop terrace with swimming pools and bars in the summer where the guests can enjoy the city views of Seville.

Seville in the summer could be nice and cool. The terraces, which remain closed during the rest of the year, will all open up and the city will be immersed in a fantastic ambience after sunset. It is one of the most symbolic moments in Seville, especially if you are having a cocktail at one of those terrace bars along the riverbank of Guadalquivir, chilling out on a boat trip on the river or on the rooftop of a luxury hotel in Seville. In a few days every hotel in Seville will have their swimming pools and terraces ready, where their guests can enjoy the unique moments offered by the summer of Seville.