Meticulosity: the key to success in the industrial sector

After the hard hit on the sector of construction and infrastructure in Europe due to the economic crisis, we are finally seeing and foreseeing more constructive projects for these coming years. Contractors are changing their model of productions to be more precise and controllable and governments are being more prudent when it comes to projects as infrastructures, which have profound and long-lasting affect on the society and environment. The bubbles are gone and a number of suppliers of precise production are required for reshaping the industrial sector.

Stockholm Precision Tools AB (SPT) is a good example among all the major global suppliers that the sector of oil, gas and mining has seen in the past decade. Founded in the year of 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden, SPT has been designing and manufacturing downhole survey instruments that have been used by leading operators as well as many smaller companies across the world. SPT has developed a complete product portfolio: gyro directional tools, gyro logic tools, borehole and wellbore instruments which feature in its high-quality, accuracy, easy transportation and lightweight meeting the rigorous requirements of the drilling and surveying.

Almost 2 decades past, today Stockholm Precision Tools holds ISO certifications and is true global participant with distribution and technical services in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and South America. It continues to improve its products and support services upgrading the benchmark of gyro navigation technology.