Apartments in Seville

Food in Seville

It is said that the city of Seville has over 1,000 tapas bars and restaurants, anyone who has ever visited will most likely be inclined to agree. Wherever you go along its narrow, charming streets you will see restaurant upon restaurant offering up the finest tapas Andalucía has to offer. There are many, many to choose from however a trip would not be complete without trying Secreto Iberico or Solomillo al Whiskey.

The best way to experience as many restaurants in Seville as possible is by renting an apartment and staying there as long as possible, this can undoubtedly get quite expensive but luckily there are many, many apartments all over the city that can be rented quite cheaply. Thanks to renting these apartments you will be able to experience lots of restaurants in Seville with your friends or family and have an unforgettable experience.