Three advantages of using floating aluminum ceilings


The manufacture of aluminium domes is associated principally with the coverage of storage tanks. These auto-supported covers, known technically as aluminum geodesic domes, are used habitually in refineries and tank parks where the stored product and structural components of the tank must be protected from environmental and atmospheric factors. They can be used for both new tanks and retrofit projects.

Use this type of roofing possesses numerous advantages. The most prominent three are:

• Reduction of dangerous steams: the total isolation of the products due to a meticulous seal of the aluminum floating roofs, reduces considerably the issue of pollutant gases, contributing this way to the environmental sustainability.

• Preventing water from entering the storage tanks: as a result of the materials used to seal the tank, their quality and effectiveness, they avaid water entering
the tank, guaranteeing the correct conservation of the products that it contains.

• Assembly facilities: the floating ceilings of aluminium are elaborated with light materials, giving place to pieces that assemble and install easily.