A New Buyer Profile of Luxury Properties in Marbella

Formal-Drawing-Room-1Luxury, exclusivity and privacy. Those are the characteristics of the signature villas at la Zagaleta of Marbella, a genuine residential area within the reach of very few people.

The luxury home at la Zagaleta offers high architectural quality and rigorous safety measures. The low building density on a land of 900 hectares allows each property to be surrounded by an abundant natural environment where it’s a real feast to enjoy the Mediterranean scenery. Finca Sagitario is one of the few signature villas still available for rent and for sale near la Zagaleta.

Who are the buyers?

The real estate firms in Marbella have noted a general increase of demands in the Marbella area where the amount of transactions have recovered back to the pre-crisis level (2007). However, there is a change of demographic profile: buyers are younger than those of 2000 and the average fell between 40 and 50 years old.

Most of the buyers are looking for a quality vacation property in a safe and special environment with sea view. Marbella is a synonym of luxury, with picturesque mountainous and natural scenery and the best winter weather across Continental Europe.

Favorable taxation

The payment method has changed too. More and more clients choose to pay in full instead of mortgage. This is not a surprise since the prices are more realistic. Moreover, Marbella is rated as one of the best place to live and to possess a luxury property in Europe.

The potential buyers in la Zagaleta, Marbella cannot forget the big imposing asset. In this area, like in other municipality of the region, the property tax has not increased as in other Europeans countries and it explains why the area has barely suffers from the crisis.