Why the South of Spain is the Ideal Place to Invest?

MarbellaThe real estate market in Marbella is one of the most dynamic markets in Spain. The national house price increased by 2.2% in the last trimester of 2014, marking one of the fastest growth rate since 2008 according to Spain’s National Institute of Statistics.

In 2014, the volume of property transactions increased by 28% compared to the previous year and by 77% compared to 2011. The number is even higher than that of 2007 (by 12%), the year before the economic crisis struck Europe.

What makes the real estate market in Marbella grow so exceptionally?

The diversity of buyers

Marbella’s economy doesn’t only depend on the national economy. At least 85% of the buyers come from abroad, most of whom are from other European countries that have more stable economic situations. Foreign investors usually need help from specialists such as Rafael Berdaguer Abogados, which offers fiscal and legal advice on property investment.

Perfect time to invest

Potential buyers have been waiting for the optimal time to invest. Newspapers have convinced buyers that the real estate crisis is over and even those who believe the crisis is still current feel an upcoming need to purchase properties before the house prices start to rise again.

The depreciation of Euro

This is another convincing reason to explain why the buyers out of the Eurozone purchase properties in Marbella. Pound sterling for example increased by 14% against euro last year and has reached an unseen value since 2002. Meanwhile, Swiss franc has also experienced an unprecedented appreciation.

Low mortgage rate

The mortgage rate has been kept on a very low level as a result of the fierce competition among Spanish banks. It is another important motivator for those who plan to buy properties in Marbella. To minimize unnecessary costs, the investors are recommended to consult a property lawyer in terms of tax and other fiscal complexities.

The safe environment

Marbella is a very safe and tranquil municipality compared with other tourist regions. Hundreds of media publications this year have given compliments to the fancy and comfortable living environment of Marbella.

Experts in foreign investment

Buyers are recommended to seek advises from tax and legal professionals. Located in Marbella and with an international experience since 1987, Berdaguer Abogados is a team made of English-speaking consultants, solicitors and economists who give the best fiscal and legal advice in the south of Spain.