Chemical products: how to prevent risks?

Many companies in the industrial sector use gaseous, liquid or solid products, more or less dangerous. To protect your equipment, your staff and the environment, it is recommended to take some precautions.

1. Store these products securely. For this, you can cover your containers and other tanks with aluminum geodesic domes and to ensure a perfect airtight seal you can use floating roof tank seals.

2. Report the danger. Chemical or biological hazards must be reported. Standards and pictograms have been established to harmonize signage and to be comprehensible to all. In the presence of these pictograms, your employees, but also the visitors, will be informed of the present dangers and can take their precautions.

3. Label your products for transportation. When transporting your chemical products, take precautions to avoid confusion and incident. For example, think about labeling your products and packages. It is also important to mark your truck with dangerous goods labels and pictograms.