Weekend Getaways

Now that summer is over, getting back into a routine can be a very hard and stressful process for many. And getting straight back to the work and responsibilities of everyday life, after weeks or months of disconnection, can do no good for our health, physically or mentally. Even the experts recommend the transition from a relaxing summer to a working winter should be done gradually.

One of the best options for this transition is definitely a quick getaway weekend. Taking advantage of the beautiful southern weather even at this time of year, many people opt to getaway to Seville. In addition to the weather, many hotels offer cheap weekend escapes to Seville for these short periods, making it an even more attractive destination.

A weekend escape to Seville is favored by tourists not only for its high temperatures though, as the atmosphere in the streets begins to resurface after a quiet summer. You can enjoy a unique view of this very romantic city in autumn, where the beautiful river or Maria Luisa Park come alive and slowly say goodbye to summer.