Feria de Sevilla: A different experience

The first two weeks of May will be a very good time to visit Seville. Feria de Sevilla is one of the most famous festivities in Andalusia and is very exciting to watch and participate. The Feria, which originates in 1847 and used to be a livestock fair, is now one of the biggest cultural and social events in Seville. Feria generally begins two weeks after the Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the festivities start Monday at midnight and go through the entire week until the following Sunday.

The traditional and colorful dresses of each woman will highlight its unique style; you will be surprised to see such variety. Plus, these beautiful women will be dancing in the street what they call ‘baile por sevillanas’; this will be a new and exiting experience for you.

Hotel Alcantara

People who have never seen the Feria will be surprised to see a whole city celebrate for an entire week, without stopping. Therefore, it is also important to choose wisely a hotel where you can rest and recover energies for the next day, and the entire week. Hotel Alcántara is the best option; you don’t want to lose this opportunity.