The most typical spanish Food

When tourists come to Spain the most typical Spanish Food they can think about is Tortilla or Tapas and that is not even wrong to think but what most tourists will miss is the Iberian Ham. The Iberian Ham is no ordinary Ham, its a ham that has had a long tradition in Spanish culture and belongs to the most recognized Hams in the entire world.


But what makes the Iberian ham so famous. Well, the Iberian Ham comes from the Iberian pig which is easily to recognize by its black hooves and dark skin. It is known for its impressive quality, which originates in its traditional curing process, as well as its diet which is based on acorns. Nevertheless the breed of the Iberian pigs has been pure and carried on traditionally since centuries.

So knowing about the tradition and history of Iberian Ham nobody can leave Spain without having tried the acorn Ham or Iberian Ham at least once. But let this be a warning once you have tasted it you will never get enough.