Spain’s passion: Sevillanas

       If you are in Seville during the time of the Feria de Abril you will very often hear the term ‘sevillanas’ and it is very important for you to at least know what this means. Sevillanas is the typical sevillan dance that was created centuries ago. People who don’t know much about flamenco will probably believe that sevillanas and flamenco are the same thing, even though there are many differences since sevillanas not only has its unique style but also its own music and songs. Sevillanas are dances by couples of all ages and sexes during celebrations, especially Feria de Abril. The people dancing in the streets during the fair will motivate you to learn sevillanas. If you want to learn how to dance flamenco, it is a good idea to start with sevillana since it is easier and faster to learn.

 Hotel Amadeus      Even though dancing is one of the most important components of the Spanish culture, there are other components that you can’t forget, such as the music. What if you had the chance to learn and use some of the typical instruments such as: palillos, cajón flamenco or the guitarra española? The charming Hotel Amadeus will give you this opportunity and will provide you with the right atmosphere to experience one of the most authentic sevillian traditions.