Málaga in a Weekend

Málaga Bus tour

To speak of Málaga, we speak of a great city, representative of the Costa del Sol, that has seen the birth of huge artists, and without a doubt has centuries of history in it´s streets.

Known for great beaches, nice weather and a marvelous cuisine, Málaga will always be a good option to spend a weekend with friends or as a couple.

If you decide to visit, here are some recommendations of the main tourist attractions of Málaga.

· Walk through the historic center: One of the special characteristics of this city is the major tourist interest present in the area. Thus, there are guided tours through Málaga.

· Ascend the Castle of Gibralfaro: from there, the views of the city are breathtaking.

· Visit the Alcazaba and the Roman theatre of Málaga: two essentials since the Alcazaba is popularly known as the Alhambra de Málaga, and the Roman theatre was only discovered a few years ago.

· Visit the Manquita: in Málaga, the cathedral of Encarnación is known as la Manquita, because in the original plans there were two towers, of which only one was built.

This city is filled with charm and centuaries of history, so you should include it in your tour plan in Málaga!