The polo tradition of Spain

Polo players

Polo is a sport that dates back to ancient Persia where kings would use the game as training for horseback soldiers. The game was much bigger, being played with almost 100 players per team and was much more violet as it was a simulated battle. The game then made its way through the world over the centuries and eventually was popularized in Spain by King Alfonzo XIII. The pairing of the skillful game and the world renowned Andalusian horses would be complimentary. Andalusia became the center of Spanish polo as the first club was established in Jerez.

Polo since lost some of its luster as it is an expensive game to play for the average Andalusian. However, polo aficionados can rejoice as the sport has made a comback as polo clubs in costa del sol have emerged. The Sotogrande area is particularly noteworthy as the afluent neighborhood boasts a great horse riding club in Costa del Sol. The area never forgot its roots. If polo has been on the mind as an activity of interest, this is the place to do it.