Save your time and money: choose a manufactured house

Building a house is undoubtedly an investment in the future, but it’s also a huge project. Very often uncountable numbers of regulations, paperwork and organizational difficulties make people give up their plans of building the house of their dreams.

If you want to save time spent on building a house from the beginning, the good choice are manufactured houses for sale. Companies producing prefabricated houses have their own projects but it doesn’t mean that you have to choose only those which are offered by a company. You can design your own project and on its basis the company will prepare the individual elements of your house.


The time of construction of manufactured house can be affected by many factors, including the size of a house, technology used by the company and the availability of various building materials. Manufactured houses are constructed very fast – the time needed to produce individual parts varies between one to three months, but the assembly of the house only takes about few days. Installation of the house does not cause any pollution or contamination – so you do not have to clean up later. During the construction manufactures houses are not exposed to weather factors such as frost, rain, or wind – because the individual elements are created in heated production halls. Prefabricated houses are warmer than the traditional ones. Really important feature of manufactured houses is also their energy efficiency and ecology.

The company which is involved in the construction of prefabricated houses handles all activities related to the construction – site preparation for the building, manufacturing of individual elements of house, installation of walls, and even installation of the fence.  Even though manufactured houses for sale not yet gained huge popularity they start to attract more and more customers. Many of them choose this technology as an alternative to brick houses because of lower costs of production and shorter time of construction.

Modular structure combines the best qualities of wood and brick construction – the investor obtains a warm, energy saving and human friendly house that can last for generations – this is why it is important to choose a good company that will take care of your future house.

Remsa is one of the main leaders in prefabricated buildings in Spain and Portugal. Not only it offers prefabricated houses for sale but also variety of buildings such as offices, sport cages, storage houses, shipping containers or portable WCs. The company offers several designs ready for use, prepared for needs of each customer – projects vary in size, shape and purpose of use. If you are having doubts which material would be the best for you Remsa’s staff will advise you what are the best solutions – wooden or steel structure, polyurethane foam or glass… Remsa not only will take care of building but can also equip your new house with electricity, air condition or furniture.